Land Trust Protection

As Alta’s local land trust, it is our responsibility to facilitate the conservation of lands in Alta that exhibit watershed, open space, and wildlife habitat values.

Water Conservation

Alta and Albion Basin are a recharge area for a critical watershed serving the Salt Lake Valley. It is our goal to protect and enhance the stewardship of this watershed for clean water and sustainable recreation.


Our interest in stewardship of Alta and Albion Basin stems from our vision of a sustainable future for our community. With your participation, our stewardship programs and efforts to conserve Alta’s scenic landscape are helping to make this possible.

Research & Education

We are dedicated to making a positive contribution toward enriching education. Partnering with learning institutions, we help plan and support research studies that promote greater stewardship.


Protecting Alta’s natural resources TODAY means a legacy of outdoor recreation and clean water that your family and future generations can continue to enjoy TOMORROW.