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Mimi Levitt

Mimi Levitt - Co-Founder

Mimi Levitt first became aware of environmental issues while attending the North Country School outside Lake Placid, N.Y., where she also learned to ski and found her love of the mountains. She received a B.S. degree in Early Childhood Education from Finch College in N.Y.C., and traveled west after college to ski. While working at the front desk of the Alta Lodge she was introduced to the owner Bill Levitt. Mimi later married Bill, who was the Mayor of Alta for a stunning 34 years.

Mimi first became active in supporting efforts to protect and preserve Alta’s environment when the Town of Alta was threatened by a series of lawsuits. She organized the Alta Defense Fund (now Friends of Alta) which was instrumental in supporting the Town to stave off heavy intrusions of time-shares and condo development in the key watershed area.

Mimi is the daughter of Nickolas Muray, a famed photographer. She and her brother discovered some forgotten negatives of Frida Kahlo after her father’s death, and have reintroduced them through the Nickolas Muray Photo Archives, of which she is the President.

As President of Friends of Alta, she has been a leader in gaining support for acquiring threatened land in Albion Basin. She is also an advisory committee member of Alta Community Enrichment (A.C.E.); previously served on the Alta Fire Department and is a strong skier and photographer. She also enjoys tennis, golf and horseback riding at her get-a-way place in Moab, Utah.

Member since 1981

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Peter Corroon

Peter Corroon - President Emeritus

Peter Corroon has an extensive background in government, community leadership, commercial and residential real estate, construction, civic affairs and small business development. He was elected Salt Lake County Mayor in 2004 and served until 2008. He has served as President of the Salt Lake Vest Pocket Business Coalition, a group of locally owned and managed independent businesses, and was appointed as a Small Claims Court Judge in Salt Lake’s Third District Court. He served on the boards of the National Association of Counties, the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce where he received the Best Elected Official award, the Economic Development Corporation of Utah, the Salt Lake Convention & Visitors’ Bureau, the Utah Technology Council, and the United Way among other organizations.

Mayor Corroon has a long record of public service. He was responsible for starting a non-profit affordable housing company to serve unmet housing needs in Salt Lake City. Over the years he has also provided volunteer legal advice in Spanish to community members who had little or no proficiency in English. He also served as Vice President of the Salt Lake Chapter of Habitat for Humanity. He holds a Juris Doctor from Golden Gate University School of Law, a Master of Science degree in Real Estate Development and Finance from New York University, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Carnegie-Mellon University. He has taught finance and real estate development courses at Westminster College and Salt Lake Community College. Mr. Corroon and his wife, Amy, reside in Salt Lake City with their three children.

Member since: 2013

Cassie Dippo

Cassie Dippo - President

Cassie was born in New York City the same year that her parents built a house in Alta. Several years later, in 1959, they bought the Alta Lodge. She can legitimately say she’s been connected to Alta her entire life. Cassie spent her childhood summers exploring the “nooks and crannies” of Alta as well as strolling among the wildflowers of Albion Basin with her family. By the age of ten she was doing it on her own. Cassie is never more at peace than when she is hiking among the mountains of Alta. Cassie and her family have traveled extensively, but never have found mountain meadows that could compare with the abundance and diversity of flowers found in her own “backyard” – Alta. It is a treasure that must be preserved.

During her adult life Cassie has worked in Alta at the Alta Lodge. She spent fifteen years lobbying for Utah Common Cause at the state level, serving on both the local board, as board member and board chair, as well as serving on the Common Cause National Governing Board. Cassie was a board member and chair of the JCC School Advisory Board (Now the McGillis School) and is presently a member of The Utah Nordic Alliance (TUNA) Board. Cassie teaches part time at the McGillis School in Salt Lake City.

Member since: 2011

Vice President

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Richard Thomas

Richard Thomas - Treasurer

Richard Thomas learned his love of the outdoors from his father during innumerable family and Scout camping and skiing trips in the Cascades of Central Washington and the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

A resident of Alta for over twenty years, Richard has witnessed steady growth in Little Cottonwood Canyon, both public and private. He strongly supports the efforts of Friends of Alta to assist the Town in its legal battles to enforce its zoning decisions, to maintain the watershed and to conserve the natural heritage of the Albion Basin. Richard is a long-time member of the American Association of Individual Investors and the Society of Professional Journalists. In addition to his affection for the Alta community and his experience observing financial markets and trends, Richard brings his knowledge of graphic design and communication to the Friends of Alta organization.

Throughout his early childhood in Utah, Richard was regaled with anecdotes about his great uncles, Roy and Earshel Newman. They told exciting stories about their mining adventures in the Central Wasatch, during the decades before skiing Alta’s powder snow was economically more important than finding gold or silver. Roy became renowned as the “Blind Miner” of Big Cottonwood Canyon when he continued working his claim there many years after an explosion took his vision. Earshel looked out for his brother over those many years, and during the thirties, he was a mining engineer at the Live Yankee Mine in American Fork Canyon. In winter he would ride the tram buckets across avalanche paths to ski over the ridge into Little Cottonwood Canyon and down to his cabin in Holladay. Sometimes Earshel would visit Alta’s Mayor Watson along the way, and has humorously told of his difficulties skiing down after sampling a potent beverage called a “Pinecone”, so named for the fir branch flavoring the brew.

Member since: 2004


TBD by Friends of Alta Board

John Holland

John Holland

John grew up in Yorktown Heights, NY where he founded the high school ski team and went on to a successful collegiate alpine racing career at New England College in Henniker, NH. After graduating college he returned to his roots in Yorktown and coached the high school ski team and XC/track team while beginning his career as a middle school teacher. In 1971 he came to Alta with the then owner of Hickory and Tweed Ski shop in Armonk NY. Ted Johnson had invited Jim Ross, out to look into the feasibility of opening a second shop at Snowbird as the resort prepared to open. Although the second shop never materialized, John was smitten by Alta and has returned every year since. In 1973 he arrived at Alta for Christmas break and shared with friends Bino, Toby, and Cassie Levitt that he was spending 6 weeks the following summer in East Africa. All 3 joined him along with 3 other NY/Alta friends on a trip that would create life long bonds.

John returned to Utah in the fall of 1976 to spend a year of graduate work at the University of Utah developing environmental curriculum while working at the Alta Lodge during the winter. In 2002 he collaborated with Robert Kennedy Jr. and the Riverkeeper to produce an instructional video for the Stroud Research Centers Leafpack Network. Over the years he has been on numerous forums and committees with a focus on protecting watersheds. Since 1990 he has been active in a number of environmental organizations in Weschester County NY including the Yorktown Land Trust, Teatown Lake Reservation and Wolf Conservation Center. John retired from teaching in 2004. John sold Green Mountain Running Camp this past year after 40 years as the founder/director. He presently lives full time in Lyndonville Vt.

Member since: 2012

Jim Ehleringer

Jim Ehleringer is a professor at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. He joined the Biology Department faculty in 1977 and is recognized as an expert in plant ecology. Jim founded the University’s Global Change and Sustainability Center, which serves as the nexus for research, teaching, and outreach for global change and sustainability activities. His research focuses on ecological, environmental, and forensic applications using naturally occurring stable isotopes. He has published over 490 scientific articles and books.

Jim was elected as a member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences and has been recognized for his scientific contributions as recipient of the Rosenblatt Prize for Excellence and election as a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, a Fellow of the American Geophysical Union, and a Fellow of the Ecological Society of America. For teaching and student mentoring, Jim was awarded both the American Geophysical Union’s international Excellence in Earth and Space Sciences Teaching Award and the University’s Student’s Choice in Teaching Award. He cofounded a spinoff company, IsoForensics Inc., to apply stable isotope analyses in forensics, ranging from hair analyses to trace the origins of unidentified murder victims to food analyses to identify adulterated foods.

Jim and his wife Edna moved to Utah in the late 1970’s, where they both established educational careers, raised a family, and put down roots. Together Jim and Edna enjoy fishing, traveling, gardening, and spending time in the Wasatch Mountains. They have two married children, Jeff and Josh.

Member since: 2018

Glenn Eurick

Glenn was born, raised, and educated in Butte, Montana. After graduating in Environmental Engineering from Montana Tech in 1977, Glenn worked in Minnesota then landed in Utah in 1979 where he immediately adopted Alta as his preferred location to pursue longstanding passions for the outdoors and photography. Elected to the Board for Friends of Alta in 2018, he now has an additional connection to maintain and enhance what drew him to Alta originally and all the years since. With over 40 years of environmental engineering and natural resource experience, Glenn hopes to leverage some of this expertise to further the mission of Friends of Alta.

Member since: 2018

Jason Moretz

Member since 2018

Stephanie Frohman

A native Midwesterner, Stephanie developed her love of the outdoors in the woods and shores of Lake Michigan. After earning a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan, she moved to Utah in 1998 for what was supposed to be a six month job assignment. More than twenty years later, she's still in Utah -- still captivated by the Wasatch and raising her two daughters to ski, hike and explore in the Cottonwood Canyons.

Stephanie is the Director of Strategic Initiatives for the Economic Development Corporation of Utah, a public/private partnership whose vision is to create a quality job for every aspiring Utahn. In her free time, you can find her hiking in Albion Basin or backcountry skiing a few mellow laps in Grizzly Gulch.

Member since 2020

Ian Shelledy

Ian brings over 10 years of social sector experience, currently working as Director at the Community Foundation of Utah. Previously, Ian served as Co-Founder and Executive Director of Sustainable Startups, a nonprofit organization developing diverse human capital and fostering projects that improve the economic, social and environmental conditions within communities. Under Ian's leadership, Sustainable Startups was a four-time finalist and two-time winner of the Small Business Administration Growth Accelerator Competition and scaled organizational programs across the United States. He is an Impact Finance Center Fellow, James A. Covert Leadership Award recipient and a participant in the White House Business Council Forum on Accelerating Entrepreneurship.

Ian holds a M.A. from Colorado State University specializing in collaborative decision-making and a B.A. from the University of Portland. He has a wife and three children, one much furrier than the other two.

Member 2020

Neah Bois

Neah Bois is a life-long Alta resident, growing up on the Bypass Road and developing her passion for skiing and the outdoors on the slopes of Alta. In her youth, Neah raced for both the Alta and Snowbird ski teams, and in her college years worked at Watson’s shelter serving local and visiting skiers. Having moved back to Utah, she now enjoys spending her time hiking, touring, and skiing throughout the Wasatch Mountains and is passionate about conserving the beauty of Alta and its environment.

Currently, Neah serves as an Associate at the Sorenson Impact Center at the University of Utah. The Sorenson Impact Center is a think-and-do research firm of data scientists, impact investors, community leaders, and storytellers united to solve social problems. At the Center, Neah helps conduct impact measurement, project management, and research in the areas of higher education, economic development, and student leadership. Prior to joining the Center as a staff member, Neah was a Fellow in the University of Utah President's Office working on The American Dream Ideas Challenge. She also worked for Occidental College's Office of Admissions and was a Sexual Violence Education and Prevention Specialist for Project SAFE in Los Angeles, CA.

Neah holds a BA in Comparative Studies in Literature and Culture from Occidental College and is a proud former varsity college athlete.

Member since 2020

Nathan Blouin

Nate Blouin is the Policy Manager for the Interwest Energy Alliance and works to promote utility scale renewable energy across the intermountain and southwestern region in legislative and regulatory venues. Prior to Interwest, Nate served as an advisor to political candidates in federal, state and municipal campaigns and completed a master’s degree in public affairs from Brown University in 2019. He is also a proud graduate of Salt Lake Community College, where he serves on the Alumni Leadership Council, and the University of Utah.

Nate’s interest in serving on the Friends of Alta Board of Directors stems from his very first days in Utah, where he moved from New Hampshire in 2009 to enjoy unparalleled access to recreation. Nate is an avid backcountry skier and runner and enjoys Little Cottonwood Canyon equally in the summer and winter. He looks forward to advocating for transportation solutions that preserve access to LCC while protecting the canyon’s important natural resources. Nate works with other organizations promoting environmental conservation and was recently elected to serve as Chair of the Emerging Leaders Initiative of Utah.

Member since 2021

Marissa Day

Marissa Day is the Creative Director of The Leonardo in Salt Lake City and is passionate about fostering community collaborations and innovating in the world of nonprofits. In her current role, she oversees education and programming initiatives related to art, science and technology geared towards engaging the Utah community in asking questions and being curious about the world around us. Prior The Leonardo, Marissa worked at Salt Lake agency Struck Creative on the Utah Office of Tourism Mighty 5 campaign, helping to spread the word about the beauty of Utah’s national parks. She previously sat on the Board of Swaner Preserve and EcoCenter in Park City, supporting the organization's preservation and education mission. Before her Utah chapter, Marissa was born and raised in New York, and previously worked at exhibit design firm Ralph Applebaum Associates on a range of international museum projects. Marissa holds a Masters degree from New York University in Experimental Humanities. She has called Utah home for seven years, having found it a perfect place to live and explore with her husband, son, and their three dogs and cat.

Member since 2021

Janneke House

Janneke House is a Senior Advisor for U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand overseeing the legislative agenda on Economic Development, Energy, Environment, Fashion, Technology, and Transportation. Prior to joining the Senator’s office, she worked for the Kendall Square Association in Cambridge, MA. She was responsible for engaging with global tech and biotech companies, ensuring the on-going vitality of one of the country’s most economically robust districts. Janneke ran for City Council in Salt Lake City, UT and in Cambridge, MA. Janneke has a passion for serving the communities in which she lives by serving on boards that empower women and girls as well as conservation and local development initiatives. She was the first graduate to receive a Masters of Urban Planning degree from the University of Utah. Janneke was born near Sundance, Utah where she developed a love for the outdoors and mountains and now lives in New York City and Cambridge, MA.

Member since 2021

Ben McAdams

Former Congressman Ben McAdams founded CGI to focus on this type of bridge building and problem solving. McAdams is a seventh generation Utahn raised in a family of eight. That’s where he learned hard work, honesty and duty to community. He further honed those skills as a Utah State Senator, Mayor and Member of the United States Congress. In his public service, he brought Republicans and Democrats together to get things done like addressing homelessness, forming public-private partnerships to improve education and health outcomes in the community and promote evidence-based decision-making at all levels of government.

Member since 2021