A Resource for Learning

Friends of Alta is dedicated to making a positive contribution toward enriching education. In partnership with learning institutions, we are developing ways in which Alta’s unique history and environment can be used in an educational setting.

Throughout the years Friends of Alta has participated in the following education programs:

  • Bill Levitt Fellowship Program: for more information visit the BLF page.
  • Working with the University of Wisconsin-Parkside to gather scientific information for the Albion Basin that is also used in its geology classes.
  • Annual Science Education Grant to the Alta School for science supplies and projects. We have also brought the Leaf Pack Program into the school to join students in studying macro-invertebrates in Little Cottonwood Creek. Macro-invertebrates are good stream health indicators and each year the students form and test their own hypothesis to learn more about Alta’s environment.
  • Annual grant to the Friends of the Utah Avalanche Center which provides snow safety and backcountry awareness education and information on daily conditions to the public. We hope to encourage safe backcountry recreation in Alta and the Central Wasatch Mountains.
  • Sponsoring a three year teacher in-service program designed to help Utah primary school teachers incorporate geographic information systems (GIS) in the classroom.


If you have an idea for a symposium or event, we would like to hear from you. Contact Jen at or by calling 801.742.9719. Thanks for your input!

Previous Symposiums include the following:

September 2013
Friends of Alta co-hosted an Alta Ecological Assessment Symposium with the Alta Environmental Center (Alta Ski Area Department). Please click here for a summary report of the event.

August 2009 Land and Water Symposium
Friends of Alta hosted a Land and Water Symposium in Alta as a kickoff to the 2009 Salt Lake Countywide Watershed Symposium at the Salt Lake County Cultural Center. This event was an engaging occasion that brought together water quality professionals, academics, environmental advocates, landowners and the interested public to discuss land and water conservation and development in and around the Salt Lake Valley.

August 2008 Watershed Symposium
FOA hosted a Watershed Symposium in Albion Basin focused on water shortage, water conservation, and water protection.