Letter: Protect Alta with Albion Basin Monument

First Published Apr 23 2015 05:51AM in Salt Lake Tribune

I am 89 and first skied Alta with Alf and Swerre Engen in the 1940s. I have skied all over America and wish to offer an opinion to your readers.

The Albion Basin and the land between Mount Baldy and Point Supreme are a unique national treasure. The view from Point Supreme is unspoiled by commercial development and ought to be preserved for future generations. It remains, for the most part, as God bequeathed it to us. I have observed how the forces of commerce have impacted other ski venues and hope that impact will not come to bear on Alta. I am somewhat familiar with the Mountain Accord’s proposals and fear that Alta will be swept up in the grandiose development of the Wasatch ski industry.

Therefore, I propose that the Albion Basin and the land between Mount Baldy and Point Supreme be declared a national monument. This pristine beauty and its history in American skiing deserves that status and protection from the incursion of the momentum of outside forces. The stature and import of this new national monument would stand strong among the existing national monuments. As the Salt Lake City metropolitan area grows, the Albion Basin National Monument would become an object of pride for the State of Utah.

America has enough highly developed urban ski resorts.

Lawrence Goodman

Greenwich, Conn.