Mountain Accord Comments Due March 16th

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYour last chance to submit comments on the Mountain Accord Proposed Blueprint is Monday, March 16th. Time is running out to participate in this phase of Mountain Accord. We need you to provide thoughtful comment on transportation and land use proposals specific to Little Cottonwood Canyon (LCC). More scientific study is certainly needed, yet we are deeply concerned about the potential impacts of trains and tunnels proposed in the Blueprint and need your involvement now to help us shape the future of Alta and the Central Wasatch.

Please act now! The Proposed Blueprint Public Comment period ends on March 16th. Please take the time to review the Blueprint and send your send your thoughts, comments and reactions to

We hope you recognize the implications of these decisions and engage in this important process. The future of Alta is at stake.

As Alta’s local land trust, FOA believes that watershed, wildlife and open space are the foundation of our unique end of canyon experience. They are why people come to Alta, our identity. We acknowledge the need for a solution to the sometimes difficult transportation situation. We are FOR a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system coming up the canyon that incentivizes use. Our reasons are summarized as the BRT being more flexible, less destructive to the environment and less costly. With regard to interconnect via Alta, we have great concerns about a tunnel. Adverse impacts on the underground stream flow, aquifers and other cumulative impacts to our community and environment would need to be VERY carefully studied. There is still a great deal of information needed on the Blueprint, however we encourage you to include your opinions on transportation modes, tunnels, recreation opportunities and land swaps with your comments.

Here are some of the positions/perspectives Friends of Alta is FOR while engaging in this process to shape the future of the central Wasatch:
  • Watershed protection is our highest priority!
  • Our remaining open spaces, such as Albion Basin must be conserved
  • Have the least impact on the environment by limiting our footprint
  • Conserve wildlife habitat that also enhances the outdoor experience
  • Maintain the current balance between resort and human powered recreation
  • Preserve a variety of recreation opportunities for all as the population grows
  • Watershed, wildlife and open spaces are the foundations of Alta’s economy
  • Preserve the unique “top of the canyon” character that cannot be replicated
  • Town of Alta has a limited quantity of water to provide for additional developments
  • Greater population will increase the appetite for unspoiled space and our dependency on limited natural resources
  • Iconic scenic views should be preserved
  • Increase safety on Highway 210, a Utah Scenic Byway