We are grateful to our many partners for their support. It is through these collaborations that we are able to successfully carry out our many stewardship programs. Our current partners include:

In-Kind Contributors

Photo Accreditations

We are blessed to conserve one of the most beautiful places on earth. The following photographers have been generous in helping us tell our story and capture the Alta Experience through images.

  • Mimi Muray Levitt
  • Ryan McGuire
  • Maura Olivos
  • Bryant Olsen
  • Alex Polli
  • Dobber Price
  • Nick Rice
  • Marguerite H Roberts
  • Mike Schirf
  • Tara Thomas
  • Tom Till
  • Stephen Trimble
  • Sam Watson
  • Noah Wetzel – Lightpole
  • Julie Willis
  • Matt Wolfe
  • Lucinda Mullins
  • Janice Gardener


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