Patsey Marley Shrontz Utility Right of Way

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Proposed Action
The project proposal contains two main components that require the use of Federal Lands managed by the US Forest Service: 1) a water system to serve the Patsey Marley Hill Subdivision, and 2) access to the subdivision’s proposed parking facility. The water system requires a utility right-of-way under the pavement of the upper end of SR 210, beginning near the applicant’s approved point of diversion (the portal of the Town of Alta’s Bay City Mine Tunnel) and the first 400 feet of the existing Albion Basin Road on Forest Service lands before it enters the Patsey Marley Hill Subdivision property (National Forest System Route (NFSR) 028). The water line would also provide emergency water service and fire protection to the existing dwellings in the Grizzly Gulch area of the Town of Alta, utilizing water rights currently owned by the applicant.

The proposed access to the subdivision includes a plan to widen the existing road above the end of the existing pavement for 710 feet to the entrances of the proposed Patsey Marley Hill Subdivision parking facility. The proponent’s proposed access for the existing road section beginning at the end of the existing pavement includes a 24-foot paved road section, a 2.5 foot paved shallow drainage swale on the upside of the road, and a 10-foot wide gravel shoulder section for a total width of 36.5 feet. A second access to the parking facility would be served by a paved 90-foot diameter cul-de-sac, which can also be used as an emergency vehicle turnaround in the summer and winter. The following outlines seasonal usage:

  • Summer Service and Usage – no change in current service and usage.
  • Winter Service and Usage – A 10-foot wide plowed pavement section from the end of the existing pavement to the proposed parking facility entrance would be maintained. This single 10-foot plowed lane would be required to accommodate vehicular access both to and from the parking facility. An 80-foot long inter-visible turnout would be constructed at the mid-point of the access road to accommodate two-way traffic. Safety features, including traffic lights at each parking entrance/exit would be included.
  • A 24-foot wide groomed snow surface for on-snow-vehicle (OSV)/skier/other nonmotorized traffic lane from the end of the existing pavement to the parking facility would be maintained on the downhill side of the road. The parking facility would be available to cabin owners for automobile parking and OSVs for a fee. If necessary, a 12-foot wide by up to 200-foot long parking area for OSVs could be provided just beyond the existing Forest Service gate for cabin owners who do not wish to use the parking facility.

Purpose and Need
The purpose and need of the project is for the US Forest Service to respond to the applicant’s request and determine whether or not to provide utility infrastructure and improved access to an approve ten lot subdivision on Patsey Marley Hill, which would be located on privately-owned land.

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