Summer 2016 Bill Levitt Fellowship

Applications for the summer 2016 Bill Levitt Fellowship are due May 31, 2016.

For details click here: 2016 Summer BILL LEVITT FELLOWSHIP

Mayor Levitt helped found Friends of Alta (originally The Alta Defense Fund) in 1981. Mayor Levitt’s long standing advisory role with Friends of Alta helped guide the organization to protect the environment of Alta, while still allowing supportive economic activity such as skiing, hiking and recreating in and around Alta. This fellowship is an opportunity for selected individuals to work with our Executive Director for three to nine months. The fellowship will focus on how Mayor Levitt’s standards of excellence, intelligence and integrity in public process, and Friends of Alta’s conservation efforts can work together to protect Alta’s environment and unique character. Each fellowship opportunity will be unique and is open to students or individuals wishing to further their knowledge and experience in conservation, local government and dynamic communities.

If you are interested in finding out more about a fellowship opportunity or to apply for a Bill Levitt Fellowship, please contact us at

Fellowship tasks may involve the following:

  • Conservation Easement Program
  • Environmental Studies
  • Event Planning
  • Community Outreach
  • Research
  • Individual proposals will also be considered